hvordan bli en influencer på instagram, snapchat, youtube, tiktok

How to become an influencer

How to become (and continue to be) a good influencer?

You may have read our post about what oneinfluencer is and thought that hey, I want to be an influencer! or maybe you have already started but feel you need a little more information on how things work Then this is the guide for you. Whether you are going to be an ambassador for clothes, shoes or anything else, these steps will help you!eg!

Step 1: Find your platform

The first thing you need to do is decide which platform you want to focus on. Many big influencers today have a Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube account and more, but when you first start, it is wise to have the main focus on one or two platforms rather than trying to do everything at once. Remember, it's better to do one thing properly than to do many things halfway!
Here's a guide to some of the most popular platforms for influencers today and who they might be suitable for:

Tik Tok : Short video clips with built-in editor. If you prefer to do everything on the phone, this is for you. Suitable for you who want to make dance videos, funny sketches, share opinions, tips and knowledge that can be conveyed quickly and easily.


Instagram : Image content. If you like photography, this is the platform for you. Instagram allows you to create a combination of both image and video content, as well as write short texts.

Youtube : Longer videos. If you like videography and have time to make longer videos that require more editing, this is a good platform for you. It is suitable for content such as vlogging, longer videos where you talk about different topics, how-to’s m.m.

Blog / own website : Longer text content and a mix of media. If you want to write articles, reviews and the like, this is a super platform. It also lets you collect photos, videos and text on a page over which you have full control.

Which platform you choose may also depend on the type of product you want to promote. Clothes, for example, are very popular to be an ambassador for through instagram, where even "small" profiles can get sponsored products in many cases.

Step 2: Find a niche

Find out what kind of content you like to create and try to stick to that topic. It's easier to build a dedicated follower base if your followers know what they'll get if they follow you. Is it fashion training food politics art history dog pictures It's easier to become good at creating high quality content as well as gaining new followers with similar interests if you stick to a limited niche.nisje.

Bilde av influencer Mette Jakobsen
@_mettejakobsen_ has found his niche in outdoor photos with his dogs!

Step 3: Invest in the equipment you are going to use

It is by no means necessary to go out and buy all the world's camera equipment and editing programs when you first start as an influencer. Feel free to start small and as you see the need to upgrade your equipment then invest in high quality equipment that you know you will use. It can help you make your content better, make it easier to produce content or make it more fun to create content! The point is: invest wisely, and think before you buy.

Step 4: Do not give up!

Do not give up! Once you start, it can be demotivating if you do not get hundreds of followers at once, but remember that most influencers have spent a long time improving their content and building their follower base. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated and build a bigger platform.

Learn new skills

There are lots of resources online that can teach you how to edit photos and videos, take better photos and write better articles. Check out our guide toreels andphotograph if you have not done so yet! Spend time learning from others and practice increasing the quality of your content. Better content gives you a higher probability of collaborating with companies and will generally attract more followers.

Talk to your followers

A big part of the challenge of being an influencer is to build a relationship with your followers, and to maintain it. Talking to your followers on stories, asking them questions, responding to comments and messages are all great ways to get to know those who follow you, and maybe even make new friends.

Get to know other influencers

Do not be afraid to contact other influencers in your industry. It can be very useful to have other influencers to ask questions to when you first get started, and that makes it a lot more fun to keep going in the long run!

Post often (enough)

One thing that is very important if you want to get more followers online is to make sure to publish regularly. How often you should post depends on which platform you use. For example, a Youtube video will require more work than an Instagram post, and therefore one should perhaps post more often on Instagram than on Youtube. However, make sure that all the content you post is of high quality and adds value (either in the form of entertainment, information or the like) to your followers. There is little point in posting every day if you end up posting content you are not happy with and that your followers do not appreciate.

Authenticity and responsibility

It is no secret that you also have a responsibility as an influencer to be credible, open and honest. It is easy to destroy the trust of your followers if you recommend a product you do not really like and would not use yourself. If you had bought the camera as your favorite photographer recommended and it turned out to take bad pictures and broke right away, it would have been difficult to trust the influencer the next time they posted about a product. At the same time, it is important to be careful not to spread messages that may negatively affect your followers, whether related to promoting attitudes that may adversely affect followers, or to recommend products that may adversely affect them or even be harmful. Remember that you have the right to say no if someone asks you to promote something, and it is never too late to regret it!

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