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This is how you reach your New Year's resolutions

Having New Year's resolutions is something that belongs to every new year, and most people are familiar with the statement "new year, new opportunities". The new year can certainly offer new opportunities to make new habits, quit a habit or learn something new. At the same time, almost everyone knows the feeling of setting a number of goals for the new year without being able to follow up. New Year's resolutions in themselves can be both motivating and work well to create new habits, but it requires that they are followed. There can be several reasons why you do not reach the goals, and here you can read about various pitfalls to avoid and tips on how to reach your New Year's resolutions!

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Three things to avoid when making New Year's resolutions

Set yourself too many goals

This is a classic pitfall, as you look at the new year as an opportunity to achieve everything you did not get done in the past year. But by having too many goals, they often become unclear and difficult to implement in practice. Therefore, one should pick out one to two goals that one wants to focus on.

2. Make goals based on things you do not really want

Another common pitfall is setting goals that are not in line with what you like, who you are and what you enjoy. Even though the new year offers opportunities, you will not wake up as a new person the moment the year passes. Therefore, it is very important to create goals based on what you actually believe in and want to accomplish. An example is if you want to eat less meat, but are really very fond of eating meat - then it will be difficult to implement if you set the New Year's resolution to become a vegetarian. An easier and clearer goal you can have is to eat meat-free food one to two days a week.

3. Do not implement the goals in everyday life

This is perhaps the most important pitfall to avoid. It is incredibly important to let the New Year's resolutions be divided into small goals you can reach in everyday life. Then you can follow the progression and adjust the goals if you have set yourself too big or difficult goals.


Tips for reaching New Year's resolutions

  • Make a plan
  • Break the New Year's resolutions into smaller sub-goals so that it can become part of your everyday life and a new habit.
  • Bring a friend or partner with you so you can motivate each other!
  • Do not let a relapse set you back completely. Learn from the mistake and move on.

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The most important thing to keep in mind is that it takes time to change or get a new habit . How long it takes, however, is much debated. But it can take anywhere from one to three months. Therefore, the most important tip is to continue if the motivation drops, and work with the sub-goals at the same time as you have the big goal or the New Year's resolution as a motivating factor.

What are the most common New Year's resolutions?

  1. Train more
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Get a new hobby
  4. Spend more time with friends
  5. Get a new job


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Reach your 2022 goals

Reaching your New Year's resolutions can be very difficult and demanding, especially when all the goals are about strict requirements training you are going to get started. You can easily have a bad conscience if you do not do everything you say you will do in the New Year's resolutions. If you notice that you struggle a little with the motivation when it comes to reaching the bigger New Year's resolutions, it is wise to set a little smaller goals for yourself, which are easier to achieve.

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