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Best Biker Shorts 2021

Biker shorts is the perfect solution when it gets too hotwith training tights! The shorts are characterized by their snug fit that covers the thighs so thatmanavoids friction and sore sores between the legs. In addition, the training shorts are squat proof so they are not   transparent during training.

The cycling pants is originally made for cyclists to counteract friction on the thighs. With repeated pedal pulls, the thighs rub together and can result in rashes and burns.This is a well-known problem that can occur in many different situations and the trousers have therefore become an essential garment for everyone to have in the wardrobe. Whether it is for training, a walk or for fun, a biker shorts will be a comfortable and safe alternative.


Seamless biker shorts

One of our big favorites isFit Shorts, which is a seamless biker shorts . The tights are squatproof, high in the waist and have a super hold-in effect! It is light and comfortable to wear. A problem that often occurs when using shorts is that they slip up, but these cycling pants have an elastic at the bottom of the seam which means that it fits snugly in use.

Grå seamless biker shorts  Rød biker shorts med høyt liv


Elevate wave shorts has the elevate effect that makes these shorts seamless while giving one shaping effect ! That is why agreeable to wear, in addition to shaping the buttocks in a nice way.

Blå biker shorts i seamless  Biker shorts med ribbestrikket midjebånd


Scrunch biker shorts

Adapt scrunchie shortsis a seamless training shorts with a V-shape that highlights the feminine shapes. The shorts also have one high life and are moisture transporting for maximum comfort during the workout. The biker shorts are available in 6 beautiful colors, so you can choose to stand out a little or go for the classic colors.

Blå biker shorts med scrunch i seamless  Oransje biker shorts som fremhever rumpen  Rosa scrunch treningsshorts med høyt liv 

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Ribbed biker shorts

Ribbed biker shorts is a ribbed shorts in seamless with high life and wide waistband so that it places itself comfortably on the body. This training shorts also has the flattering The V-shape which gives the butt a nice shape. The stylish biker shorts are excellent for all kinds of training, whether you are going to run, do yoga, strength training - or just to relax at home.

Svart ribbestrikket biker shorts i seamless  Svart treningshorts med V-form i ribbed

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Anti-slip biker shorts

If you wish good team and maximum anti-slip effect isAntislip Biker Shorts an excellent option! This cycling pants is perfect for, among other things, running trips as it neither rolls up nor slides down. You can therefore avoid worrying about pulling down your shorts repeatedly during the training session!

Svart bikershorts med antiskli  Grå biker shorts som ikke glir ned
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