Beste løpetights til dame

Best running leggings 2021

Myke running leggings which makes the run a comfortable activity.

On the website you will find Famme training clothes for all types of training, in this post we focus on cardio training. Running, jogging and good walks. Even if the training is not done because you buy a new leggings, it is definitely a good place to start.Famme's training leggings fits all bodies and shapes. They are made of a breathable fabric and are 100% squat-proof , at the same time as they are incredibly lovely to wear. When going for a run, it is essential to have one leggings that stay up and does not roll or slide down. This will not only be annoying, but can hurt your good motivation.

You will also find many models that havepractical pockets on the outside of the thigh, completely out of the way during the workout. Perfect pockets for your mobile phone, for example. Material is also important to look at.Running leggings is often made of polyester and elastane. These are synthetic materials that are very flexible and transports sweat away from the body, instead of tying it like cotton does. This is of course taste and pleasure, many people like to run inseamless tigthser which has other substance mixtures.

Our customers have chosen our top running leggings:


Running leggings with pocket

Techna leggings - a functionalleggings with pockets to, for example, the mobile phone, keys or other accessories you would like to take with you on a trip. The training leggings are squatproof, have a high waist and a wide waistband for a nice fit.The unique seams are designed for both function and visibility, so this is definitely a leggings you present well with and look good in.

Leggings med lomme  Svart løpeleggings med lomme
Read more about our leggings with pocketshere!


Simple running leggings with compression

Essential leggings - a simple and stylish running leggings.As one of our best sellers, this is a versatile and well-designed leggings. The fabric is elastic, which provides a perfect fit and good compression while running. The training leggings is high in life and has a unique hold-in effect. It is loved by our customers as it can be used for almost anything!

Kompresjonsleggings som fremhever formene dine  Svart løpeleggings med høy kompresjon, squatproof og høyt liv
Read more about our compression leggingshere!


High waist running leggings with hold-in

Vortex leggings 2 - one of our best-selling seamless leggings!This leggings will revolutionize running with its new design made of higher levels of elastane which means that it has more compression than other leggings. With a high waist, we can assure you that it will not slip down while running, but stay in place for optimal performance and comfort. The waistband has extra compression in that we have added extra stretch and a ribbed texture

High waist og hold-in leggings for løping  Grå løpeleggings i seamless med hold-in og god kompresjon

Read more about our high-waisted leggingshere!


Durable running leggings for women

Gym leggings - a simple and versatile leggings that is perfect for a jog. The training leggings are made in onemoisture repellent substance with high life and will give you a beautiful hold-in effect. The training leggings are squatproof and durable and are excellent for both short intervals and long distances.

Den beste løpeleggingsen for dame 2021  Svart løpeleggings squatproof og slitesterk med hold-in


Flexible thin seamless leggings

Fit Leggings - a flattering leggings that accentuate your figure and have a perfect fit. This is aseamless leggings which is flexible in a thin fabric. At the same time, the training leggings squatproof and does not slip down during the workout.

fit leggings i grå som er en bra løpeleggings i seamless  Grå løpeleggings i seamless med tynt og behagelig stoff som ikke glir ned
Read more about what seamless ishere!


Running leggings for the winter

We recommendLight Thermal Leggings at its strongest. The training leggings are perfect for cold days as it has a brushed inside with some reflective details that are great for winter!

Løpeleggings Vinter  Svart løpeleggings til vinteren med børstet innside
You can read more about the best leggings for autumn and winterhere.


For extra cold winter days, we recommend using one wool leggings under the running clothes. For many, this is an alternative you opt out of as you can recognize yourself in the fact that wool clothes often itch and do not sit comfortably during the training session. We have the perfect solution to this problem!
Springmerino wool leggings for women does not itch, smell or curl. The wool training leggings have good insulation and transport moisture, so you ensure both staying warm and maintaining good comfort during the run. This wool leggings can also be matched with onewool sweater.
Svart ullbukse i merinoull som varmer under løpeturen  Varm ullgenser til løpeturer, gåturer, trening eller hjemmekos


Short running leggings for the summer

When you go for a run in the summer, it can be more comfortable to use one short training leggings . This can improve the session as you do not get sweaty and clammy on your legs, at the same time as you get some sun! We recommend ourselevate biker shorts.

Kort treningsleggings til dame    Kort løpeleggings til dame sort
This short running leggingsis seamless and has a high life so everything stays in place during the run. In addition, it does not slip down during the run and is moisture-transporting.

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