Beste treningstights for dame

Best training leggings 2021

Famme has always had good quality as a main focus and therefore only offers goods that are carefully assessed and quality assured. In the same way, we know that the appearance of the training clothes is at least as important for Norwegian women. You should feel fresh and nice during training, which can also help to increase training motivation. Combining these two key attributes has resulted in us having several of the most popular leggings for women in Norway.

In the large selection oftraining leggings we offer leggings for high, medium and low intensity training in various fabrics and shapes, at the same time as a wide range of colors. All ours leggings are not transparent and squat proof !


Seamless leggings

Many people love seamless training clothes because they are made for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.Read more about what seamless ishere!


Ribbed seamless leggings has a high waist and wide waistband and is constructed with a V-shape that gives the training leggings a good fit. At the same time, it gives full freedom of movement and has a hold-in effect.

Camo leggings is a popular option during the day. This seamless training leggings are squatproof and do not roll down as it is equipped with both a high waist and hold-in.

Elevate vortex leggings is the first seamless training leggings that gives a real shaping effect. The ribbed waistband keeps the leggings in place during training.

Brun leggings i sømløs med høyt liv  Rød leggings i seamless og camo squatproof  Grå leggings i seamless med shaping-effekt  



Scrunch leggings

The leggings with scrunch effect are a must-have in any lady's wardrobe at the moment. The shape of the training leggings emphasizes the shapes and therefore gives you a perfect fit. These leggings are excellent for everything from low- to high-intensity training.


Scrunch leggings is one of our bestsellers and is available in 9 different colors. The leggings shape the butt and give you a peach-bum effect.

Scrunch camo leggings has both the popular camouflage pattern and a nice scrunch. This leggings is also seamless, has good compression is squatproof.

Adapt scrunchie leggings has a V-shape and is seamless. The training leggings are also squatproof and have a contour in the buttocks which gives a lift and a good shaping effect.

Blå leggings med scrunch som gir en fin rumpe-effekt  Grønn leggings med scrunch og camo, squatproof og høy i livet  Svart leggings med scrunch i seamless, med shaping-effekt av rumpen og squatproof

 Read more about what scrunch leggings arehere!


Compression leggings

Compression leggings are also very well liked by women as the tight leggings provide increased blood circulation which is good for recovery! At the same time, the leggings give a nice fit and a shaping effect due to the tightness.


Techna leggings is a functional leggings with its two large pockets that can hold, among other things, a mobile phone. The training leggings are squatproof, have a high waist and a wide waistband for a nice fit.

Ella compression leggings is a fresh red, blue and black training leggings. The leggings have a small pocket on the inside perfect for airpods, for example. It also has a wide and elastic waistband that gives a hold-in effect.

Lusty leggings is a shorter variant perfect for those with lower height or those who want a shorter leggings. The training leggings fit nicely on the body due to its high waist and V-shape.

Grå leggings kompresjonsleggings med lommer, squatproof og høyt liv  Rød leggings med lomme og bred linning for hold-in effekt  Svart leggings med en kort passform, høyt liv og en V-form


Read more about what compression leggings arehere!


Running leggings

When going for a run, it is essential to have leggings that stay up and do not roll down during the session. This will not only be annoying, but can also ruin the good joy of training.


Essential leggings is a simple and stylish running leggings. The training leggings are soft and have good compression that gives a perfect fit. At the same time, it is made with an anti-curl effect that makes the surface smooth and fine.

Vortex leggings 2 is one of our best-selling seamless leggings and is perfect for running. The training leggings have a high waistband with hold-in which means that the leggings do not slip down during a jog.

Gym leggings is a versatile leggings that is perfect for a jog. The training leggings are equipment with a high life in a moisture-repellent fabric. It is squatproof and durable.

Grå løpeleggings med god kompresjon som gir en fin passform  Blå løpeleggings i seamless med hold-in og er squatproof  Grå leggings for løping, squatproof og slitesterk i et elastisk stoff

 Read more about the best running leggingshere!


Leggings for strength training

When it comes to strength training, it is important to have training leggings that fit snugly and are squatproof. You should be able to move freely in the gym without worrying about underwear or sweat marks appearing through your clothes.


Stamina leggings is perfect for a good session with strength. The training leggings are squatproof, durable and moisture wicking. At the same time, it is equipped with a mesh structure and a unique design.

Elevate vortex leggings combines seamless technology and strategic design, resulting in perfect strength training leggings. The leggings give a nice shaping effect and the waistband keeps the leggings in place during the training session.

Tone leggings fits perfectly with the strength session at its high waist and a wide waistband that holds the leggings in place. At the same time, the leggings have a contour around the buttocks which gives a nice fit.

Svart leggings for styrketrening med mesh som er slitesterk og fukttransporterende  Rosa leggings til styrketrening med bred linning i ribbestrikk som holder leggingsen oppe  Lyse blå leggings for styrketrening med høyt liv og bred linning
Read more about leggings for strength traininghere!


Winter leggings

It is good to wear warm leggings when it gets cooler outside. A thick leggings will increase the comfort and motivation to train on mild days, and is therefore essential to have in any winter wardrobe.


Light thermal has a brushed inside and is therefore perfect for autumn and winter. The training leggings have a high waist with a drawstring at the waist. The fabric is soft, solid and versatile. The warm leggings are also equipped with reflective details that make the leggings functional for dark days.

Blå leggings til vinteren med en børstet innside og refleksdetaljer   Svart vinterleggings med høyt liv og snøring i livet
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