Hvordan trene Tabata?

How to train Tabata?

Tabata training is great if you are in time constraint , is in a hurry or if you want to get the training done as soon as possible. There has been a growing popularity around this the form of exercise , because it proves that you can achieve better fitness and physical health with just four minutes training. This is because the session is so intense that it manages to challenge the heart and the circulatory system. We i Girl has collected 3 different tabata workouts you can challenge yourself with. Try it alone if you want to get in a quick session, or combine it with strength training .

Tabata workouts


Tabata session on a bicycle is the original form of tabata. It can be done at the gym, out by bike or if you have a spinning bike at home.


10 minutes of warm-up - to prepare the muscles for the workout

the session itself - 8 pulls with as full / high intensity as possible for 20 seconds. 10 seconds break between each move.

Feel free to end the session by walking calmly for 5-10 minutes

2. Core muscles

This tabata form of exercise is excellent for ending the strength training session, or at home in the living room if you have minimal time. Do the rounds 1-3 times and keep up the intensity throughout each exercise.

Russian twist with medicine ball / ketterbell / bumbell: Sit with your feet planted in the ground, lean back until you feel the muscles work. Move the weight you are holding from side to side at a controlled pace, do not release the abdominal muscles during the exercise. Lighter variance: Find a rib wall and keep your feet in between two of the sprinklers if you are struggling with balance.

Plank with a twist: Lie down in a plank position, tighten your stomach and move your hips from side to side (towards the floor), do not let go of your stomach, tighten your buttocks and move in a controlled manner.

Beinhev: Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air, move your legs slowly down towards the floor and up again just before you hit the floor. Be sure to tighten your abdomen, press your lower back firmly against the floor (imagine your navel down against your lower back) and make sure you stay there throughout the exercise.

Variant of Sit-ups: Sit on your butt with your hands placed on the floor, lift your legs at a 90 degree angle and move them in an out and in motion (think that your legs should hit the awning and move them back towards your chest). Bigger challenge: Raise your hands, have them stretched out in front of you or like an X on your chest and then perform the exercise without the support of your hands.

3. Full body

This is an exercise for the whole body, where both lower body and upper body are trained. On some of the exercises you need a weight, so choose a kg you can keep your shape and position without letting go during the entire exercise.

Ketterbell swing: Hold a herringbone, spread your legs, keep your back straight and push your hips forward, the power should come from the hips and back thighs. When the herringbone ball swings between your legs, push your hips forward again and repeat. Be sure to keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

Pushups : Did you find pushups challenging to put your knees down on the floor or place your hands up in the air; either on a bench, pole or box. You can do more than you think!

Ongoing outcome: Feel free to hold a weight with the same kg in each hand or put a string on the shoulders if body weight feels light.

Pull-ups: If regular pull-ups feel impossible, try lying down under a bar or use a sling and "pull" yourself up and down; be sure to keep your back straight, shoulders tight and buttocks up. Feel free to use a pull-up machine if the gym has it.


Good workout!


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