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Sling pants for women

Sling pants is currently a very trendy garment. This is not so strange when slacks are often enough to style an otherwise ordinary outfit. The sling trousers are characterized by the fact that they have a sling at the bottom of the foot which gives a flattering effect. Famme sin sling pants collection ensures you one flare pants for any occasion. These pants are suitable for a quiet evening at home, for everyday, and a full party. If you want one clothes sling pants,sling trousers with split,sweatpants with sling, orjeans with sling then we have what you are looking for.

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Sling pants

Rib knit sling trousers

Rib knit sling pants are clothes sling pants . These are they softest sling pants for cozy and quiet evenings, or for a full party either at home or out on the town, you choose!Youth Flare Pants is a black sling pants the way you love it. It is made of a rib knit material of cotton which is easy , stretchy , and sits nicely on. LikeLine Flare Pants is it elastic as it is soft and therefore multifunctional and the use situation is entirely up to you and your needs.Doux Knitted Pants is Famme's answer to a sling pants alternative to a comfortable, soft, and light sweatpants that you get in the colors black, gray, and beige.

Ribbestrikket slengbukse i grå  Ribbestrikket slengbukse i svart

Read more about our best sweatpants for different purposes. We also offer completelywonderful delicious velor pants and hoodie set to take your off-days to new heights.


Flare jeans

Flare jeans is jeans with sling , and these are one of the most popular types ofjeans for ladies of all ages. Bootcut jeans have one slimming effect despite the fact that they are wide at the bottom of the foot. This practical feature is there for them to go over boots and shoes. These jeans remain a favorite because of their comfort and its slimming effect. In addition, it is possible to use these pants for all kindsshoe.

OurWear jeans is a jeans with sling and split at the bottom of the leg. It has one denim fabric which is experienced both stretchy and soft . These pants can be nicely styled together with a little baggyT shirt, or a ourhigh-necked sweaters for a cool look.Wide Leg Jeans on the other hand, a pair of jeans with slender and wide legs is all the way down. Both of these sling pants are made of real denim and a perfect style option for an embellished everyday look.

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Blå denim slengbukse med splitt til dame  Slengbukse jeans i beige hvit


Sling trousers with split

A favorite among all varieties ofsling pants, is sling trousers with split . These pants have a split at the bottom where the sling is, which makes it even easier to wear over shoes, while giving it slimming effect most want. Our Straight Slit Hem Jeans is a jeans with split . The sling pants have a high life and are  straight fit, but still tight enough to form nicely around the thighs and buttocks.Wear Home Jeans is a stretchy slacks jeans with split , and the stretch makes the trousers comfortable to wear. The location and shape of the pockets make the buttocks look flattering. These jeans are perfect to style with onecrop top, andsneakers.

Jeans med sleng og splitt  Slengbukse med splitt


Black sling pants

Famme has a good selection ofblack sling pants. One black sling pants can be matched with almost anything, and one of our bestsellers black sling pants is Knitted Flare Pants . These sling pants are comfortable and fit very wellthe loungewear collection your. The pants are elastic , high in life and has one relaxed style , which gives you one casual look combined with ahoodie orcrop top. It has a sophisticated, simple and stylish feel. The sling pants are easy to style the way you want them to be fit for any occasion .

Strikket slengbukse i svart  Ribbestrikket slengbukse i svart

Another variant of our black sling pants is Line Flare Pants . This is a sling in easy , elastic and breathing rib fabric. It can be used both during training sessions, for everyday use or to chill at home in. It is also nice enough to travel to the city with, or when you want to dress up, as it has a tightening effect so that it gets a flattering fit on the body. This sling pants has onematching top, which creates a sporty but chill look.

Svart yogabukse dameGrå yogabukse dame



Yogapants can also be a variant of sling pants . Our Yoga Pants is one of these, and is made of a soft, breathable and moisture-transporting fabric. The advantage of yoga pants is that they have good breathability , comfort and makes room for freedom of movement . These properties make that yogapants fits perfectly for both exercise and comfort on the sofa. These yoga pants can be matched with onecropped long sleeve for a sporty look.

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Svart slengbuksesvart ribbestrikket slengbukse
Ribbed Yoga Pants is a sling pants in soft and ribbed quality. This yoga pants hair high life and wide elastic at the waist, which makes it fit well and you get a nice fit. These pants fit perfectly yoga , but can also be used for everyday and other training with low or medium intensity. It can work as one sling pants tights as the fabric is elastic, moisture transporting and have a good hold-in effect for optimal fit. Match with othersyoga clothes which you can find here.


There are many sling pants to choose from and you can see our entire selectionhere! Many of our sling pants fit people with long legs.


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