Matchende treningssett, kosesett og ullundertøy sett for dame

Matching training set

The hottest trend of the year ismatching training set. Getting to training can be demanding for many, but something as simple as nice and comfortable clothes can be a real motivation boost. It is important to feel comfortable and training clothes you feel comfortable in are therefore essential. A fresh training set will therefore not only be nice, but will also help to increase training motivation. What could be better than going to the gym with a beautiful matching set? These are the training sets you need to get started with exercise!


It's not just fine training sets that are needed for you to be able to recover from training. If you are not used to exercising, many people may feel uncomfortable by not knowing the exercises you can perform. We have therefore gathered10 simple exercisesone can perform both indoors and outdoors so that you can get started and enjoy the joy of training. If you want to increase the difficulty you can also include onetraining elastic in the exercise. You will find our favorite exercises with a resistance bandhere!


Camo training set

A big favorite with us is the training set in camouflage pattern. You can match the training tights with both a sports bra and a training sweater. At the same time, the garments are available in up to five different colors, so you are guaranteed to find a combination you will love!Camo sports bra is in seamless and has good support and inserts that can be removed.Camo training top is long-sleeved, moisture-wicking and cropped for a feminine and flattering look.Camo training tights is squatproof with a hold-in effect so that it sits as cast during a workout. The set is therefore suitable for training in low to high intensity, such as a run or strength training.

Rød camo sports-bh - myk og komfortabel med god støtte og tettsittende passform  Rød camo treningstopp i seamless med cropped og tettsittende passform  Rød camo treningstights i seamless, squatproof, høyt liv og hold-in effekt   

Check out the selection of camo training tightshere! 


Seamless training set

For maximum comfort, a seamless training set is a good alternative. Read more about what seamless ishere!

This set is best suited for training with low to medium intensity, such as yoga or strength training. The set is ribbed with technical properties so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.Seamless training top is minimalist, long-sleeved and cropped. It is matched with peamless training tights which has a V-shape that shapes the butt with high life and hold-in.

Beige langermet treningtopp i sømløs og ribbed-stoff, myk og komfortabel  Beige sømløs treningstights i ribbed-stoff. Høy bevegelsesfrihet med høyt liv og hold-in

Check out the entire selection we have in seamlesshere!


Scrunch training set

Exercise clothes with a scrunch effect are a favorite with many Norwegian women. The garments with scrunch have a special sewing technique that tightens the fabric and therefore gives you a perfect fit. Read more about what scrunch tights arehere!

Scrunch sports bra The seamless has removable inserts and adjustable straps so you can customize the top just the way you want it.Scrunchie tights shapes the butt perfectly with the combination of a V-shape and scrunch effect. It is also squatproof and has a high life. With its simple and stylish design, the set is best suited for training in low to medium intensity.

Grønn scrunsh sports-bh med justerbare stropper og uttagbare innlegg  Grønn scrunch tights som former rumpa i sømløs med høyt liv og squatproof
Check out the entire selection we have with scrunchhere!


Ribbed training set

Rib knit training clothes have become a trend due to the nice and minimalist design.Enjoy maximum comfort whether you choose to wear the garments for training or as part of a casual and sporty outfit.Ribbed training top is cropped, long-sleeved and in seamless material. At the same time, it is made of Nylon 6.6 which makes the training top softer, breathes better and is quick-drying.Ribbed training tights is designed with a high waist and a wide waistband that provides good compression and support and therefore looks flattering on all body types.

Svart ribbed treningsgenser cropped, lett, pustende og hurtigtørkende  Svart ribbed treningstights med høyt liv og bred linning for alle kroppsfasonger
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