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When dressing for different conditions, the big question is often which trousers or sweater is most appropriate, where the choice of underwear is not as crucial for the assessment process. In line with the fact that the lower part and the upper part are important factors, is also socks of great importance to the outfit . Although these are often hidden behind the trousers and shoes, the couple has a lot to say for comfort . How warm your feet are has a lot to say for body temperature , and by using socks that provide too little or too much heat, this will have a greater impact than one might think.

It is therefore essential to have knowledge of what types of socks are best suited to the tasks to be performed. As many would like to think - there are actually more than one type of socks. Among the large selection available in the market you will find, among other thingsbamboo socks,tennis socks,wool socks andrag socks.Find the socks that best suit your type of workouthere!Read on to get the knowledge you need so you can dress optimally after the conditions.

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Tennis socks

Tennis socks is primarily made for physical activity and training . The socks are white, stretchy and often made of cotton. The socks have also become trendy to use for everyday where they are pulled up outside the pants for a skater-like style, while they can be under the pants for a more discreet look. Ours high tennis socks  sold in 1-pack, is soft and calming so that you will feel comfortable and stable during training. With the help of the length, the socks will also help to warm the body - and are therefore excellent outdoor training .

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tennissokker til dame  hvite tennissokker til dame


Ankle socks

During a workout inside a gym, the temperature will quickly get high and a couple socks at ankle height will be a good choice. One will feel on one good breathability which is important for a good workout.In the same way as one finds short socks for training is also good with a couple ankle socks in every day life. Nyear it comes to ankle socks for training we recommend our short tennis socks.  These are produced with the same good qualities as the long tennis socks, but these are bought as a 2-pack.

ankelsokker  korte tennissokker


Ours seamless socks also excellent for training, but are also good everyday socks . By being made seamless, they have maximum comfort , in addition to being functionally equipped to avoid chafing and that the socks slide down. These do not have as much texture as the first-mentioned tennis socks, and it will thus almost feel like you have nothing on your legs.
seamless sokker  sorte sokker i seamless


Bamboo socks

Fabric made of bamboo has a hollow structure of fibers that makes them very absorbent and with good breathability . Bamboo is therefore a perfect material for socks. Feet can quickly become clammy and with the help of good bamboo socks the feet will thrive better and bad smell is reduced . Our bamboo socks are sold in a 2-pack and are made so that they do not appear to the shoes. These are therefore excellent in the summer under a pair of ballerina shoes or sneakers.

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bambussokker  sorte bambussokker

We also have a coupleballerina socks made of classic cotton. The appearance and colors of the socks are the same where the difference lies in the material they are made of.


Wool socks

For colder days it is important to have good wool socks that keep you warm . As mentioned in the introduction, socks are a crucial factor in maintaining body temperature, and therefore wool socks are essential in winter. There may be more who associate wool with itching and discomfort - and garments in these materials may therefore be chosen away. On the other hand, there are wool socks that do not itch or feel very large and lumpy on the foot.

Ours high wool socks is made of soft merino wool something they do comfortable , functional and heat . Due to their length, these are excellent for physical activity outdoors, while they can be good to wear indoors for extra warmth.

Svarte høye ullsokker til dame i merinoull  Svarte ullsokker som ikke klør


If the wool socks are to be used inside the cabin or in the office, it can be nice with a pair wool socks at ankle height. This will reduce the heat applied to the body, and will therefore be a good middle ground between thin cotton socks and thick wool socks. The short wool socks is made with the same good qualities as the long alternative.
Svarte ankelsokker i ull til dame  Svarte korte merinoull sokker til dame
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Rag socks

A couple rag socks is in contrast to the two above-mentioned wool socks a thicker alternative. These are excellent for cabin trips or as a couple cuddly socks at home in front of the fireplace. By their thickness they give maximum heat , which will be a comfortable alternative for the coldest days. Oursrag socks is made with breathable properties so that they are perfectly suited to cold and wet climates - as is usually the case in Norway in autumn and winter.

Beige, komfortable raggsokker til dame  Beige raggsokker med pustende egenskaper


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