Hvordan fortsette med gode rutiner på trenings fronten

How to keep up the good routines

You have started training, but are struggling to keep your motivation up. Have you perhaps reached the goals you set when you first started, or are you struggling to see the results. Below we share some good tips and tricks on how to avoid losing your motivation.How to get started with exercise

Discipline and good routines

It's easy to come up with excuses for not taking that jog or going to the gym. The more times you allow yourself to lie on the couch instead of exercising, the closer you are to breaking the good routines you were well on your way to putting in.

It is also important not to take a new workout every single time, but to have some regular sessions over a short period of time, when you do not notice the results of these sessions you can implement some new exercises.

Are you anxious about the corona or just not happy that there are many people at the gyms Several gyms require booking to have control over the number. This is a great tool to use for you who are not wanting too many people at the center. You can also go to the centers' websites and see expected visits during the day, and how many have turned up so far. Also read: How to gain confidence at the gym andMental training

Set yourself both long-term and short-term goals

If the goal is to recover from training today, it is a good goal, once you have decided to train, it is also easier to achieve that goal.

Why you train You may want to train to change your own appearance, but when you reach this goal, it is important to have other goals to work towards so that the motivation does not disappear. Many people exercise because it affects how they can utilize their everyday life, perhaps it is necessary to function in everyday life either physically or mentally. Others train because it gives them a feeling of mastery. Or maybe your long-term goal is to be able to run a given distance or a pull-up without assistance. Whatever it is, it is important to set goals, write them down in a notebook or on the phone and work towards them, write how close you get and date so you can look back on how far you have come. read more about Injury prevention training

How to be inspired and motivated?

Social media can be a great place to let yourself be inspired. Find people who influence you positively. If you are not completely confident in all the equipment at the fitness center, or need tips for exercises you can do at home, then precisely these people can influence this.

There are many influencers out there who post simple workouts where they demonstrate how to perform the exercises, and other relevant information that will make it easy to follow the session without any prior knowledge of the previous one. Instagram and tiktok are great platforms to use for this purpose. With us at Famme, we are several fitness-loving girls who regularly share simple sessions and challenges on our social channels. Also read:The best strength exercises for the whole body

New training clothes

Often it may not take more than a little new training clothes to get a new boost of motivation. It is important to feel good in order to perform well. A positive mindset helps you give that little extra to perform better in training. It does not necessarily have to be expensive for you to get quality garments you feel good in.

AtGirl there are often offers on a whole lot of customersfavorites, treat yourself to a new garment and feel the new joy of training without it burning in your wallet.

Essential- long sleeveScrunch tights, Høyt livSports-bh til dame

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What do you fill your body with In order to perform best in training, it is important to be careful about what you choose to fill your body with. Healthy and protein-rich foods do not have to be boring, do some research on your social channels or visit your nearest bookstore. There are many wonderful dishes that are both simple and good, challenge yourself to a new dish of the week. You are already well on your way to forming some new and good routines!!

Work out with friends

For some, training friends can provide the extra motivation needed to fight the doorstep mile, it's harder to come up with an excuse when it's not just for yourself. For some, exercising with friends provides inspiration for new exercises you may not have tried before. If you have a busy everyday life, it is a great way to combine socialization and exercise. Here we have attached some great workouts for you and your friend.

Trening med vennerTrene med venner, long sleeve og tights

Exercise when it's fun

If you may not have time to train a full hour a day due to too many tasks to be done, then you take a short session and feel the good feeling of having done something good for body and brain. If you do not want to train for a long time, do what you want. Once training becomes something you feel compelled to, then it becomes easier to suddenly become a support member of the gym.

You can also overwhelm your senses with music that puts you in a good mood, fooling your body a bit. Maybe the session will be one of your best. If it's just not the day, go home and breathe, maybe this is the day to try out mindfulness. Life is filled with distractions over everything that can overwhelm anyone, by training your brain to relax you will eventually be able to be more present in the environment without stressing about future problems.

Trening med venner

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