Hvordan få selvtillit på treningssenteret

How to gain confidence at the gym?

Does it feel a little scary to go to the gym as a beginner Here is a guide for you who want to feel better both outside and inside the gym and feel mastered! 

Self-confidence can also be trained

 One can start by going to a gym and noticing what thoughts are coming up so that you can deal with them properly. If negative thoughts arise about your surroundings, it is quite common, you can feel a little outside at first. Do not let these thoughts take over because everyone has been where you are right now and that feeling goes away. Once you have entered the training, your self-confidence will increase because training gives you a good feeling. Do not forget that practice makes perfect!

Seek out information

  You may want to look up which exercises exist and are right for your body and how these are performed, with this knowledge you can know that you are doing what you are supposed to and you are doing it right.

Another solution is to train with a personal trainer. A PT helps you perform the training correctly and has good knowledge of different exercises and how to perform them in relation to your body and strength.

Group training can also be a safety, with follow-up by an instructor and out of the main focus with an entire group doing exactly the same thing as you. It's easier to feel safe when you disappear a little into the exercises and find your rhythm.

Set up a detailed training program, as a beginner it is good to get help from someone who is a little wise in training or from the internet with many good articles about training for beginners

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Training program for beginners

When you feel ready, you can step up your training with weights, extra resistance with elastics or several training sessions.


Set goals

 It may be easier to start with home training first and find your inner strength. Set up a detailed training program here too, if you are unsure of any exercises, look them up, there are very many nice instructional videos on YouTube for example.

Set realistic goals and remember them, feel free to write them down so you can look at them in times when you are not so motivated and find the original inspiration and continue working towards a healthy body!How to run properly?


Wear the right clothes

Something that can help self-confidence externally are the right clothes, here we have collected a number of good clothes that will help you feel better and comfortable!


Tights / sweatpants

One tights we can recommend is oursFleek leggings, this is seamless for optimal comfort while having a breathable property that keeps you dry during exercise. We can also recommend oursActive pants, light and functional nylon trousers with a high waist. These trousers can be used for several activities, running or jogging, training, hiking or everyday.

 Rød Fleek leggings squat proof tightsSvart Active pants joggebukser med høyt liv

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Sports bras & tops

In sports bras, seamless and comfortable and made of Italian Fulgar yarn, we have oursFleek sports well, this is suitable for everything from yoga to hard workouts. A training top never goes wrong, a long-sleeved seamless sweater fits perfectly with the training session!Tech LS T-shirt is light and elastic while transporting moisture from the body in an efficient way.

Rød støttende sports bh sort tynn sømløs treningstopp
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Endorphin RX1 Shoes with appropriate names suitable for both indoor and outdoor training, here you can choose for yourself. These shoes have fantastic cushioning in the soles, support around the ankles, and breathable quality.

 Støttende innesko til treningenHvite treningssko med demping


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Proper socks

Socks suitable for training, made of cotton with stretch that is still soft and cushioning and keeps you comfortable,Sky knit socks, designed for comfortable training.

Hvite tennissokkerSokker til trening

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Training bag

It is important to have all things in place and a place for all things, therefore we can recommend onetraining bag where you can have both shoes and change of clothes and water bottle.

Sort treningsbag til dameDuffel bag til trening


When you feel it is time to jack up your workout it is possible to useknitting for greater resistance.

 Treningsstikker i forskjellige styrkerTreningsstikker i forskjellige styrker



If you have started with home training and do some jogging or running in the open air, it is smart to have a place for storing the house key, thisthe bracelet do just that!

Sort treningsarmbånd med nøkkellagringHvit treningarmbånd med glidelås til nøkkel
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And last but not least, make sure you do not forget the music in your ears. The music transports you to another world where you focus on your training and simply forget the world around you.

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