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Tights for girls

With the diverse selection oftights Being out there, it can be difficult to find one or two that match your preferences. Many look the same, however the quality is not equivalent. For girls It can also be challenging to figure out which tights they want. Maybe they want something fresh and trendy with a tights with color, or maybe just classy and black . The choice of tights for children is of course also based on the applicant's activity or activity level.

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There are a lot of girls starting to exercise at a young age , whether due to gym classes, football training, handball training, turning, all sports or other forms of activities. Choice of training tights for children can therefore be very important for a good experience.


Training tights for girls

To gymtimen or crossfit training it is very best to find onetights suitable for training, and especially a wide range of different activities. Our selection of seamless tights is a good alternative to this form of training. These are soft and have a good fit. At the same time, seamless leggings are very comfortable and its freedom of movement makes it possibly the best option when it comes to varied training.

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OurCamo Tights is aseamless training tights, which are both stylish and comfortable . It has the latest seamless technology from Italy, which makes it perceived as comfortable to exercise in, or use for everyday. It is incredibly good and soft against the skin, and it high waist gives one hold-in effect which tightens around the waist so that the tights fit better when you perform various training exercises without it rolling down. This tights has onematching top andsports bra, for a perfect look.


seamless treningstights for jenter som er god og behagelig mot hudenrød seamless tights til jenter, som har bevegelsesfrihet


Tights for sports

There may be many who have an interest in sport , or participate in sports activities such as football training , handball training or turning after school. A good sportstights is therefore important for the performance to be maximum. Regardless of whether you need tights for football, basketball, handball or other sports, you can have one of ourscompression tights be a good alternative. A compression tights is one tighter tights compared to "regular" training tights, and the compression gives increased blood circulation which is good at recovery . As it is also tighter, it also gives better fit so that it fits snugly on the body.

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A good choice based on ourscompression tights may beRib Panel Tights. This tights is made of a elastic and moisture transporting fabric of functional yarn . These properties do compression tights perfect for sports activities, whether high or low intensity. This tights can be used on both football training and to turning , but you can also use it for everyday and whenever you want. This also works very well for skiing, or skiing training.

sort kompresjonstights med fukttransporterende stoffrød kompresjonstights egnet til sport og løping 


Tights for running

Whether to have a cooper test in the gym class, or train condition is a goodrunning tights essential to get a good workout. Famme has some tights for running like does not slip down during the session, while not being transparent. Most of the tights come in several colors , and can be combined with one of oursrunning jackets, if desired.

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OurEssential Tights is ahigh waist training tights. The fabric is made to be soft, solid and versatile so that it fits perfectly for running . It is durable, however elastic with high density so that it gives a perfect fit with good compression , so that it fits well during the jogging or running trip. The tights are flattering on all body types, and have one anti-curl effect which makes the material stay smooth and fine. Whether a similar one is desirabletights with pockets, we can recommend ourTechna Tights.


rødlilla slitesterk løpetights med høyt livblå løpetights med elastisk stoff og god kompresjon


Tights with color

Color tights are quite trendy and popular, and fresh colors can make the training experience a little more fun. Famme has a plentiful selection of tights with different colors, such aspink tights andpurple tights. Such colors can be a little more feminine and attractive for girls when choosing training tights.

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Rosa leggings egnet til trening og yogalilla treningstights med stilrent og sofistikert utseende

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